Consider a Nook for Instant Comfort!

The popularity of open floor plans has some of us longing for a cozy spot where we can sit and meditate, or curl up with a pet. A nook adds architectural interest to any space and creates an inviting perch to take a moment for yourself. Here are some considerations for creating a nook or jazzing up an existing area in your home or commercial space!

  • Location, location, location! You may have an awkward niche that you’ve been wondering how you’re ever going to find the right piece of furniture to fill that spot, a large stair landing that feels cavernous, or a long corridor in a commercial space. These are all great spots to consider building a nook that will soften your space and create a wonderful sanctuary.
  • Let the sun shine! In the photo, we surrounded a window with built-in shelving to create a nook that allows for year-round enjoyment of nature. The sunlight pours in, making it easier to find your happy place any time of day. A window shade, beneath the cornice, blocks light when a nap is in order.
  • Always consider storage! Nooks are a terrific opportunity to store books, treasures from your travels, or display photos of joyful memories. Think about having a combination of open shelving, and cabinet doors to maintain a clutter-free respite.
  • Guests welcome! While we may not be thinking of overnight guests at the moment, using a custom seat cushion with plenty of support ensures many cozy naps in a nook, as well as a great spot to bunk when you need extra sleeping quarters.
  • Make it your own! The seat cushion, pillows, throws, and window treatments that you select will add to your overall décor and show your unique style.
  • What about a stand-in until I can create a nook? If creating a built-in nook is not in your immediate future, think about creating a modified nook. Placing a settee or bench in front of a window doesn’t require construction and creates a similar look as that of a nook. You can make this area comfy with gorgeous pillows and woven baskets that hold throws and magazines. With time, you’ll be better able to decide if you’d like to invest in creating a comfortable, custom nook.