Light Fixture Hanging Made Simple: 6 Common Questions

The right lighting can add splendor, dimension, and interest to your space. Selecting lighting that complements the existing décor and enhances not only the illumination of a space, but the overall character and design is what I do at Atelier 616 Interiors. I work with clients to select the lighting that best serves their style, needs, and budget. Every so often a client from the past will call to ask me about hanging light fixtures. So, I figured, let me share some basics…

1. What size light fixture do I need for above my table?
The light fixture above your table should be approximately ½ the width or diameter of the table it rests above.

2. How big should the light fixture in my foyer be?
The light fixture at the entrance to your home is an opportunity to make a statement about your unique style. Any fixture should be at least 7’ from the floor to ensure solid clearance and keep the space airy. If there is a window above the door or a two-story foyer, center the fixture so it can be seen from outside.

3. How high above the table should my chandelier sit?
The bottom of the chandelier should sit approximately 32”-34” above the tabletop.

4. How many pendants do I hang over my island?
A group of pendants over an island makes a statement in any kitchen. Smaller sized fixtures are generally hung in odd numbered groupings, and larger pendants are hung in pairs. Remember, you should be able to see those standing around the island without the pendants in the way. Every kitchen is different so heights will vary, but pendants should typically be hung with the bottom of the fixture 28”-34” from the countertop.

5. How do I space sconces?
Sconces add wonderful layers of lighting to any space. Install the light source 66” from the floor and space them 6’-8’ apart. The exception is sconces on either side of a vanity; those should be approximately 36-40” from one another.

6. How high should my vanity light be?
A bath bar over a vanity should be a minimum of 24” wide and mounted 75-80” above the floor.

Remember, all measurements listed are simply guidelines. For best results, please give us a call to discuss your lighting needs and learn about our professional solutions!