6 Tips for Making Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary

Hopefully, your bedroom is a place of comfort that helps you achieve relaxation and drift into dreaming-day or night! While the rest of your home may be abuzz with activity, these easy steps will help you create a sanctuary for tranquility.

1. Make a statement with a light fixture or ceiling fan:
Whether you like a glam vibe or a rustic look, let your style shine through your light fixture or ceiling fan.

2. Make way on your nightstand:
Clear your night table and keep only essentials, alongside a meaningful photo or fresh flowers. I use low iron or back painted glass to top night tables. The glass protects wood surfaces and at the same time allows light to bounce a bit more. This reflectivity lends a softer mood and creates a more spacious feeling in any space.

3. Customize your headboard:
A custom upholstered headboard lets you highlight your style with gorgeous fabric, graceful lines, and even better- achieve the perfect scale with exact dimensions.

4. Create a cozy corner:
When you’d like to unwind, a comfortable chair is essential. If you have room to make the chair a recliner, then that’s just icing on the cake!

5. Use mirrors decoratively:
Get inspired and create a gallery of varied mirrors, or just explore an intriguing layout with a set of identical mirrors. Remember, the more light that reflects in a room, the airier and larger it feels.

6. Rugs make for a great start to your day:
A sumptuous area rug under the bed looks great and keeps your feet snug when you need to hit the ground running. You can also use plush runners on the sides of the bed, if you’d like to have the look of a large rug and stay on budget.