6 Tips for Setting up an Inspiring Home Office

Creating a home office that inspires and enables you to work effectively is easier than you think.

1. Dedicate a Space:
Whether your work area is a room or a table within a room, you need to have a dedicated workspace that allows you to focus on your daily tasks. Shop your home for pieces that can double as a desk, like in this photo where a kitchen worktable and bar stools are playing new roles.

2. Use Task Lighting:
Natural light is best, as we all love to soak up the sun! When the sun goes down, make sure that you have both an overhead and a specific task light. A task lamp will keep your eyes healthy and look great too!

3. Create a Wall Board:
Chalk, cork, or dry erase, whichever you choose, a board can help you stay on track. Post your child’s virtual learning schedule or a reminder to join a Zoom workout session! A paper schedule is a terrific visual reminder to supplement your digital calendar.

4. Sit Right:
You may not have the perfect ergonomic chair at home, but pillows and cushions can go a long way to enhancing your posture and ensuring your comfort.

5. Organize:
Keep papers tidy in a mail organizer, a folder, or a binder. At the end of each day, make sure you take a few minutes to file away papers and mail. You’ll love how you feel starting your day at an inviting desk.

6. Make it lovely:
A vibrant vase filled with fresh flowers, a framed photo from a fabulous trip, or a beautiful piece of pottery to corral your pens, stylus, and letter opener–all of these items can help you stay revitalized, and even better, organized.